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Question #100
What is the difference between the Spartan ds760 and Quark gyros?

The Quark gyro is the next step in Spartan RC's gyro technology utilising the improvements made to our gyro code base over the last two years and knowledge gained through customer support and customer feedback. The Quark offers the following advantages and new features:

• Smaller footprint, lower weight and shorter cables.

• Available in elegant and robust metal case as well as economical plastic case option.

• Improved control algorithms and refined tuning provide exceptional out of the box performance on helicopters of every class; from the smallest electric to the largest nitro.

• Clear user interaction through a three colour status indicator. Blue indicates normal operation, flashing red indicates error codes, violet indicates setup mode.

• The on-board push-button makes access to the setup easier. The old switch toggling method is still supported when the gyro is installed between the helicopter frames and the access to the push-button is not practical.

• Unfortunately due to physical size constrains the dedicated computer connectivity port had to be abolished. Computer connectivity is still possible through the Quark's gain plug which needs to be disconnected from the receiver during programming. An adapter (SRC-SLX) for the Flash-Link or Blue-Link is required.

For further details you can browse through the Quark gyro user guide by clicking [here].

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