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Question #107
I am trying to decide whether to get a Quark or a ds760 for a gasser. Inherently it has more vibrations than nitro helis. Would the Quark struggle? Should I buy a ds760 instead?

The Quark is in every way as capable as the ds760 and offers the same high levels of vibration immunity. The ability of a gyro to tolerate vibrations does not lie in its size; it is the direct result of gyro sensor quality and engineering design. When Spartan RC launched the ds760 in June 2007 it was at least 4 times smaller and lighter than any other high end gyro, yet not only it performed flawlessly on all types of model helicopters, it also set new benchmarks.

But isn't the gyro weight important for vibration damping? Indeed, more weight lowers the resonance frequency of the gyro body and this is why we recommend using the supplied metal plate in high vibration environments. Whilst the Quark is lighter than the ds760 the weight savings are mostly due to the shorter and thinner cables. The weight of the electronics box is almost identical with metal case Quark being a little heavier than the ds760. However weight is not the only contributing factor. The size and type of mounting pads, weight of the supplied metal plate and thickness of the wires are all factors that we have considered to make the Quark resilient to vibrations.

The best advice we can give you is to choose your new gyro based on its features. Where will the gyro be mounted? Do you need the longer leads of the ds760 and the built in data port for easier PC connectivity? Or perhaps you prefer the convenience of the build in SET button and more detailed feedback of the three colour Status light of the Quark. For a detailed comparison see [topic 100].

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