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Question #123
My gyro has built in -50% exponential. At the same time my transmitter (Spektrum DX7) has -25% rudder exponential. Which one is actually valid?

Both exponential functions are effective, each shaping the rudder signal as is passes through. The -% on the Quark means less sensitive whilst -% on the Spekrtum means more sensitive. The end effect is that they will partly cancel each other out but what you end up with will most likely be an ugly wiggly expo curve.

For best results try using one exponential function only, either in the gyro or in the radio. We ship the Quark with -50% expo because we want to present it to the customer with a specific initial feel based on feedback we have received from our team pilots. If you don't like the amount of build in expo you can adjust it with the PC software or DataPod. Or you can zero the expo in the gyro and set your own in the radio.

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