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Question #130
The gyro appears to have lost the reversing adjustment.


Our products have very sophisticated management of the configuration parameters utilising error detection codes and storing duplicate copies of all settings. It is extremely unlikely, if not impossible, for an error to go undetected and should this happen the product will refuse to operate until it is configured again.

If your gyro direction appears to have been reversed please consider if any of the following took place since your last successful flight.

 Different brands of servos can move the servo arm to the opposite direction for the same signal change. Have you recently replaced the tail servo?

 If the servo ball link is moved to the opposite side of the servo horn it will appear as the gyro being reversed. Sometimes tail upgrade kits change the way that the servo is mounted.

 If your heli has a belt driven tail, twisting the belt the wrong way will result to the tail rotor will spinning backwards,  This will produce thrust on the opposite side of the tail rotor and will appear as the gyro being reversed.

 Check that the tail blades are not fitted backwards.

 Most common of all, when the tail is serviced the blade rotor grips can be reassembled with theirs arms backwards (rotated 180deg from their previous orientation). Sometimes the tail is already assembled wrong when the kit was built and they are put back to their correct orientation during servicing. This reverses the direction of the tail rotor pitch and will appear as the gyro being reversed.


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