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Terminology related to Spartan products.
Bridge Mode - A functionality of the DataPod that allows other products to be connected to the computer via USB. It is a new more elegant form of the Virtual Flash-Link. Bridge Mode is built in to the DataPod and is always available regardless of what application is installed on the DataPod. To activate hold the DataPod's [S] button pressed whist plugging it to USB.
Duplex - A communication mode used by the ds760 gyro. It utilises two wires for data exchange; One to transmit commands and one to receive replies. It is the native mode of the Flash-Link and Blue-Link interfaces.

Host Product - A product that the DataPod connects to in order to adjust its parameters. For example: ds760, Quark, VX1, etc

Simplex - A communication mode used by the Quark gyro. It utilises one wire only for data exchange. First a command is sent to the gyro followed by a reply that is sent back on the same wire. 

Simplex Data Adapter (SLX) - A Spartan product that converts Duplex communication to Simplex. It is primarily used to allow the Quark gyro to be connected to the Flash-Link or Blue-Link interface.

Virtual Flash-Link - A functionality of the DataPod that makes it appear as a serial (COM) port on your computer, thus allowing the ds760 and Quark firmware update and parameter editor programs to communicate with the gyro through the DataPod. Virtual Flash-Link is part of the DataPod application "Editor for ds760 and Quark" and was introduced in version 1v10. It supports both Duplex and Simplex modes without additional harware adapters.


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