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Question #2
Is it necessary to setup the tail with 8deg pitch in rate mode?

You only need the 8deg adjustment if you want to run your Spartan gyro in rate mode. In AVCS mode Spartan gyros work equally well whether the "neutral" tail pitch is set to 8deg or 0deg. However, keep in mind that if rate mode is not setup correctly the helicopter may piro uncontrollably if you accidentally switch to it in flight.

Despite common misconception tail servos are not overworked if the "neutral" tail pitch is set to 0deg. In constant, due to linkage geometry the servo has to provide slightly less torque for much of the flight. However this is insignificant and should not be a decisive factor when choosing how to set up the tail.

A setup with "neutral" tail pitch of around 8deg* often provides better mechanical symmetry** and is slightly preferred. Whilst the left and right servo travel are uneven this is of little significance to the gyro operation. The mechanical symmetry around hover is more important to achieve crisper stops.


* Ideally the tail pitch that keeps the tail stationary with the gyro in rate mode.

** Relationship between tail pitch vs servo shaft around the hover point.

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