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Question #22
How do I setup my gyro for eye blurring piros?
Whilst the gyro operates in AVCS mode the tail pitch is entirely controlled by the gyro. In this mode the pilot’s rudder inputs become a command for the gyro telling it how fast to yaw; the gyro then controls the tail pitch as needed to maintain the commanded yaw rate. It is also possible to command the gyro to open the tail pitch fully which – depending on the mechanical capability of the helicopter – can result to spectacular yaw rates well over 3 turns per second. To achieve this you should set the rudder endpoints of your radio to a very high value effectively commanding the gyro to yaw faster than its sensor’s measurement capability. For some radios you may also need to increase the gyro's rudder stick sensitivity via the PC, PDA or detachable LCD. You may also wish to set the deceleration adjustment to a slower setting to soften the stops from such fast yaw rates.
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