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Knowledge base Quark Common problems

Question #6
When I spool up the helicopter pirouettes uncontrollably.

Ensure that the transmitter reversing is correctly setup before proceeding with setting up the gyro direction reversing as explained in the gyro user guide. Some additional points to consider:

 Check that the tail blades are fitted in the correct orientation. Fitting the blades backwards will later lead to selecting the wrong reversing whilst setting up the gyro.

 If the helicopter has a belt drive confirm that the tail rotor rotates in the correct direction. Twisting the belt the wrong way will result in the tail generating reverse thrust.

 If the gyro is mounted with an inverted orientation - Whilst configuring the gyro reversing you will need to push the rudder stick to the right instead.

 If you use reverse tail (meaning that with left rudder stick the helicopter yaws clockwise) - Whilst configuring the gyro reversing you need to push the stick in the opposite direction that you would do normally.

Always check that the gyro responds correctly before taking off.


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