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Question #67
What is new in ds760 firmware v2.00?

Setup using Spektrum bind plug. It is now possible to enter setup mode using a Spektrum bind plug. Further details are available in [topic 74].

The 760uSec mode now operates at 560Hz. Narrow pulse servos like the S9256 and BLS251 can now benefit from high-speed 560Hz position updates offering faster, smoother response and more consistent pirouette rates.

Added 960uSec/333Hz servo pulse mode. Optimised servo pulse mode for LogicTech 3100G, 6100G and Hitec HSG-5083MG servos. Enabled when the Status light flashes 4 times in servo selection mode. Note: If you have previously used these servos in 760uSec mode there will be a small change in the servo mid-point when you switch to 960uSec and you will need to reposition the servo arm and readjust the endpoints.

Impoved pirouetting consistency. With even better pirouetting consistency the Spartan ds760 continues to set new standards.

Removed Brown-out logging. The gyro continues to monitor and handle brown outs however they are no longer logged. Unfortunately brown-outs are often detected when the heli is powered off and back on quickly before the capacitors inside the regulator or ESC fully discharge. Such fake brown-outs fill up the log and prevent further logging of potentially more important information.

Removed "wait on rudder". The gyro will no longer wait until the rudder stick is centred. Spektrum users should bind their receivers while the rudder is at mid-point.

Lowered "wait on gain" threshold to 5%. It is no longer needed for Spektrum users to use this feature as they can enter setup mode with the bind plug. However, if you wish to make the gyro wait until the the receiver has linked you can bind with gain below 5%. This is the internal gyro gain value as displayed via the diagnostic mode.

New servos added. Lots of new servo pre-sets added to the R3 gyro configuration software.

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