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Question #88
My tail servo gets warm/hot.

Spartan gyros are designed to delivery the highest performance and they require equally high performance from the tail servo to achieve their task. Always choose a tail servo that has ample speed and torque. In addition:

Ensure the servo:

  • Operates within the manufactures specified voltage range.
  • Is designed to be used as a helicopter tail servo.
  • It is installed at the intended size of helicopter.

Check that all linkages operate smoothly without excessive backlash (play).

Ensure that gyro's servo endpoints have been programmed correctly and the servo is not binding on either side.

Ensure that gyro has been configured to provide the correct signal modulation for your servo (Servo Type Selection).

Set the servo endpoints on the gyro so that the total travel (left+right) is around 200%. If the servo endpoints are too small the leverage effect of the servo arm will result to more torque needed from the servo.

Most small electric helicopters use only radial bearing in the tail grips. These are not optimal for the sideways forces that they are subjected to and can sometime become gritty and momentarily lock up.

Tail grip bearings may appear ok during bench testing but will behave different under load when the tail rotor spins. Test that they operate smoothly whilst pulling the tail blades outwards.

Whilst there is no decrease in tail control performance lower the gyro gain. Expressively high gain may not always result to visible wag on the helicopter but may result to high frequency wag and constant movement of the servo.

The Chinese Weight Mod can help reduce the torque required by the servo. This is a proven technique that some helicopter manufactures are now incorporating into the tail grip design. Useful links: [Google], [Finless Bob's Review]

Finally, some servos may simply "not cut it". They may be over-spec'ed or borderline for the intended application. For example a certain servo may be ok on a 450 size heli but not when the same heli is doing continuous 3D at 3800RPM.

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