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Question #9
The helicopter pirouettes too slow. My old gyro was more responsive.

Based on expert pilot feedback our gyros are designed to provide precise control near mid-stick and fast rotation rates at full stick. It may take a few flights before your flying habits adjust to the feel of your new gyro and this can prove worthwhile in the long run. However, if you prefer, your new gyro can be adjusted to behave the way you are already used to.

Rudder exponential.

  • Your Spartan gyro has some built in rudder exponential. If you prefer the tail to be more responsive to small stick movements the amount of built in exponential can be adjusted through the computer or PDA software using "Rudder exponential" option.
  • A less elegant solution would be to use opposite exponential on your radio in order to reduce the effect of the gyro's built in exponential. See [Topic 123] for more info.

Yaw rate control.

  • The maximum yaw speed is adjusted using your transmitters rudder endpoints (also known as travel adjustment).
  • Other adjustments on your radio like Dual Rates also affect the rudder signal that your radio system produces. Therefore they also affect the maximum yaw rate of the helicopter.
  • If your radio has a servo monitor screen check that the rudder channel reaches both ends.
  • In general, having the radio's rudder endpoints maxed out and dual rates at 100% will be enough for eye-blurring piros.
  • Further adjustments are available within the gyro and can be accessed via the DataPod or computer software. (see "Rudder sensitivity" oprion)

Remember, with heading hold gyros the gyro is in control of the helicopter tail. Always configure the gyro to allow the maximum tail pitch travel without any binding. The gyro will automatically use the amount of tail pitch that is needed to follow the pilots rudder commands.

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