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Question #108
What is the difference between the metal and plastic case Quark?

All variants of the Quark gyro share the same electronics and are produced and calibrated using the same processes. They are all capable of the same performance and offer the same features. There is no production grading as some have speculated; all variants are identical apart from the case.

So what are the benefits of the metal case?

Added crash protection. With the possible exception of a direct blade strike which may damage internal parts of the gyro due to shock, the metal case Quark is virtually indestructible in a crash. Even if the gyro wires get cut Spartan RC can replace them for a small fee thus you can enjoy your new Quark gyro for many years to come.

Vibration damping. The plastic case Quark is 8.2 grams but most of this weight is on the wires and plugs. The metal case variant is just 2 grams heavier but this weight is added entirely on the electronics box. This nearly doubles the weight of the electronics box and helps with vibration damping. In many borderline cases this extra vibration damping could make it possible to use the gyro without the extra metal plate that we supply with the gyro, thus giving a neater installation and overall weight savings.

More resilient to ESD. Both metal and plastic case Quark have been tested for susceptibility to ESD (Electrostatic Discharge) and found to meet and exceed the requirements of the CE product certification. However, the metal case version was found to be even more resilient to external interference. This is hardy surprising as the a metal enclosure, also known as "Faraday Cage" in electronics, blocks ESD and other electromagnetic signals from entering or exiting the enclosure. This means that you can place the gyro closer to powerful motors and ESC which may convenient on the small and very packed helicopters.

Sometimes appearance counts. The metal case is a precision CNC machined and anodised component that naturally complements a high specification model helicopter.

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