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Question #111
My Quark won't enter configuration mode.

For flight safety setup mode can only be started immediately after power on. Unfortunately this detail was missed in the initial print (Doc. v1.0) of the user guide but we have published it in the user guide addendum [topic 89] (referenced in user guide page 1).

The correct procedure to enter configuration mode is as follows:

• Power on the gyro and wait until it has finished calibrating.
• Within 15 seconds press and hold the SET button.
• After 5 second the the tail servo will chatter twice. Configuration mode is now active.

If you don't see any servo chatter after following the above procedure and the servo appears to be powered off it may be because the wrong servo type has been selected or a problem exists with the wiring. Try moving the rudder stick left/right. If the gyro Status light switches on/off in response to stick movement it proves that setup is active but the servo is not working.

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