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Knowledge base Vortex VX1 Common problems

Question #154
When I move the heli the swashplate is tilting the wrong way.

First check that Setup :: Sensor is set correctly for the orientation that the gyro sensor is mounted.

Check that each swashplate servo is plugged to the correct output of the Vortex. The interconnections should match one of the illustrations in the user guide.

If the above has not fixed the problem, check that the cyclic operates in the correct direction in Setup :: Transmitter menu. At this point you will most likely find that either the aileron or elevator channel of your radio need reversing. Once this is done go to Setup :: Swash :: Cyclic Direction and select the option that makes the swashplate travel the correct way when operating the cyclic stick. Exit Setup and confirm that the swash also tilts the correct way when moving the heli.

The above also applies for the helicopter tail where incorrect reversing in Setup :: Transmitter will ultimately result in the tail gyro not correcting properly.


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