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Knowledge base Vortex VX1 Firmware

Question #168
Preparing the helicopter for firmware update.


All parameters will be reset to the factory defaults when flight computer firmware is upgraded or downgraded between different M* protocol versions. For example M1 to M2 will trigger a reset to defaults and so will M2 to M1. This reason for this is explained in [FAQ157] and extends to how data is stored to the Vortex's internal memory.

Please take note of the following:

• The default servo type is 1520us digital. Before you update the flight computer firmware disconnect any any incompatible servos to avoid damaging them.

Always and regardless of the M* version, disconnect the ESC, two of the motor wires or main flight battery. During or after the firmware update the motor can potentially start running. Keep the ESC/motor/battery disconnected until the receiver and governor options are correctly reconfigured.


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