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Knowledge base Vortex VX1 Firmware

Question #174
I have difficulties updating the firmware of my Vortex/DataPod.

 The PC softwre does not run, fails to connect or load the firmware file - Please ensure your computer already has the latest version of the Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable Package. You can download it [here].

 The progress bar has stopped moving - The progress bar never pauses during firmware update. If it has stopped moving is it certainly an indication of an error. Close the PC software and disconnect the DataPod from the PC. Then repeat the update process. If the problem persists reboot your computer and avoid running other applications whist the firmware update takes place.
 The PC software connected to the DataPod but fails to identify the Vortex - Keep the Vortex powered off until the PC software asks for it to be powered on. If the Vortex is initialised for flight it is unable to enter firmware update mode.
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