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Question #4
Do I need to use the supplied metal plate?

The supplied metal plate is used to increase the gyro mass which in general provides better vibration attenuation.

• Electric helicopters have much lower vibration levels and thus it is unlikely that you will need to use the metal plate on on electric helicopter. You should however use the thick adhesive foam pad.

• On nitro and gas helicopter it is more probable that the metal plate will be needed. In either case you can experiment mounting the gyro without the metal plate and if any tail drift is observed in hover use the plate and try again.

The bottom like is that there is not right or wrong; every helicopter is different. Depending on the RPM and level of vibrations etc sometimes one mounting method works better than the other. The advice we provide above and in the user guide is likely to give good results first time. If that does not work well, try adding or removing the metal plate.

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