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Designed particularly for the needs of aerial photography helicopters, the AP-2000i is one of the most precise stabilisation products available today. At its heart there are three distinct devices all housed in the same package. Each of these can be individually enabled or disabled depending on the user requirements.

Advanced Flight Stabiliser
The AP-2000i was designed for fast model recovery and yet smooth hover with particular attention to the needs of aerial photography applications. The stabiliser makes use of an infrared horizon sensors that must be purchased separately. [See here]

Digital Cyclic Ring
Pioneered by Spartan RC the Digital Cyclic Ring technology eliminates swashplate binding at extreme diagonal stick deflections without restricting cyclic stick movement like its mechanical counterpart.

CCPM Mixer
The built in CCPM mixer is designed for achieving optimum mechanical geometry with particular attention to the special requirements of scale multi-blade helicopters. It offers rotor phasing adjustment and individual servo endpoints, reversing and digital centre-point trims for all four servos.

Key features:
  • Works with all PCM, PPM/FM and Spread Spectrum receivers and supports both digital and conventional servos.
  • Hardware based 1800 position servo pulse sampling and regeneration for super smooth and jitter free movements.
  • Enables the use of piezo gyros on cyclic for stabilising multi-bladed helicopters.
  • Precision electronic rotor phasing adjustment allows setting up multi-bladed helicopters with ease.
  • Easy configuration of all parameters via a simple LCD user interface.
  • Separately purchased USB interface allows reprogramming the unit with new firmware releases available from our website.
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AP-2000i Flight Stabiliser
Order code: SRC-AP2K
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