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All UltraPAC modules are fully compatible with the following transmitters:
• All versions of Futaba 9Z, 9ZWC, 9ZWC2 (a.k.a. ZAP/ZHP)
• Futaba 10C (a.k.a. Field Force 10 or FF10)
• All versions of Futaba 9C (a.k.a. Field Force 9 or FF9)
• All versions of Futaba 8U (a.k.a. Field Force 8 or FF8)
• Robbe FC-18 with firmware v3 or newer
• Robbe FC-28 with firmware v3 or newer

 512K UltraPAC256K UltraPAC64K UltraPAC
Memory Size

Equivalent number of
64K CAMPacs
512K (8 banks)

256K (4 banks)

64K (1 bank)

Model programs 8U/FF826413233
Model programs 9C/FF91929624
Model programs 10C/FF101286416
Model programs 9Z/ZAPUp to 128 ***Up to 64 ***Up to 16 ***
Model programs FC18(v3)36018045
Model programs FC28(v3)32164
Write ProtectYY-
Service Menu Enablerall 3 menus *all 3 menus *-
Self TestYY-
Memory Integrity TestYY-
Memory EraseYY-
Protocol Extensions**YY-
64K CAMPac compatible100%100%100%

* Subject to the functionality offered by your radio. ** Protocol extensions offer increased functionality of the UltraPAC when it is connected with a personal computer allowing compatible editing software to access any of the memory banks automatically without having to manually switch between them. *** See Page 12 of the 9Z user manual on how the 9Z manages the CAMPac’s memory.

Box contents:

• Spartan UltraPAC
• Instruction Leaflet
Highslide JS

64K UltraPAC
Order code: SRC-U64
$34.95   £21.95*

256K UltraPAC
Order code: SRC-U256
$59.95   £35.95*

512K UltraPAC
Order code: SRC-U512
$79.95   £49.95*




* 20.0% VAT (sales tax) is included in displayed £ prices. Applies to EU customers only.

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